General gun-smithing, parts replacement, scope mounting, etc.  We are planning to start custom barreling in the near future.

Firearms Transfers 
     Firearms that you purchase from an on-line auction or from any on-line firearms classified can be shipped from the seller's FFL dealer to Pineywoods Gun Shop, LLC and transferred to you for a small transfer fee of $25.

     If your tired of carosion, and desire a durable finish that comes in a multitude of colors and can also be applied as a camo pattern; you might look into Cerakote.  Cerakote is also not only for guns.  We have customized Yeti cups with logos and initials to fit each person's style.  Cerakote can be applied to metal, wood, polimers, and plastics. 

Firearms Auctions 
     Pineywoods Gun Shop, LLC may also list firearms on several firearms auction sites. Including Gun Broker, Auction Arms, and Guns America.

Consignment Sale of Firearms 
     If you have any firearms that you are needing to sell, let Pineywoods Gun Shop, LLC help.  We will take the firearms that you are wishing to sell and display them for local customers as well as list them on, Guns America, or Auctions Arms so that the firearms can be viewed by tremendously greater number of interested buyers than you could ever have locally.  A contract between you and Pineywoods Gun Shop, LLC will be signed before any listings will occur and a fee of 12% of the selling price plus listing fees will be collected by Pineywoods Gun Shop, LLC for any Consignment Sale after the firearm has been sold.